Ski jumping: TVN audience lower than it used to be on TVP

According to the portal, during the inaugural weekend of the World Cup in ski jumping, the viewership was on average 2.57 million viewers on TVN and 760 thousand in Eurosport 1. Together it brings it close 3.33 million viewers. It is over 30 percent. market share. On Sunday, this share decreased to 25 percent.

However, if we compare these results with the average viewership of the World Cup competitions in jumping in the 2020/21 season, when they were broadcast on Telewizja Polska, TVN fares slightly worse than it.

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Last season, the competitions were shown on three stations: TVP1, TVP Sport and Eurosport 1. In the summary of the entire season, we can read that each competition on TVP1 was watched on average 3.16 million viewers, on TVP Sport – 622 thous., while in Eurosport 1 – 976 thous. These data, however should not be combinedbecause not every competition was broadcast simultaneously on all analyzed stations (e.g. some TVP competitions were shown only on TVP1). Nevertheless, TVP1 wins over TVN here by over 0.5 million viewers.

TVN is also weaker when it comes to the corresponding inaugural weekend of the World Cup. The first competition in Nizhny Tagil was watched on average 2.75 million viewers. A year ago, the inauguration of the ski jumping season took place in Wisła, and in TVP1 itself, the competition was watched by close 3.47 million viewers.

Ski jumping from 2021 on TVN

After more than 20 years of regular broadcasting, Polish Television lost the right to broadcast the ski jumping World Cup competitions. Starting from the season 2021/2022, Polish fans can watch the competition of the best jumpers on the TVN channel.

After the first World Cup competitions in ski jumping broadcast by the station many fans of this discipline are deeply disappointed. Some even jokingly argue that the new broadcaster is responsible for the poor results of Poles. However, there are also those who defend TVN.


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