Ski jumping: WC in Nizhny Tagil. Piotr Żyła: Murańka will have to be provided with something to eat, and more to drink

In the Sunday competition in Nizhniy Tagil Żyła took 16th place. It was the best place of all Poles. They did not enter the second series, among others Kamil Stoch and Dawid Kubacki.

She lived more willingly than about her jumps, he spoke of Klemens Murańka. Before Saturday’s competition, he tested positive for coronavirus and is in isolation. Żyła revealed how he intended to help his friend if this state of affairs lasted longer.

– You will need to provide him with something to eat, and more to drink, so that he does not run wild. I will find out where he is and I will deliver everything to him – commented the Vistula in his own style.

Żyła also revealed how the equipment is checked. There has been an important change in this aspect. Sepp Gratzer, who controlled the jumpers for years, retired after last season. He was replaced by Fin Mika Jukkara.

– You already knew Seppa, and you knew what was required. Here were the first comments. At the top it turned out that the suit could not be pulled on. You have to be prepared for an inspection at any time. The rest is just cosmetics – concluded Żyła.



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