Ski Jumping. Zakopane without Stoch? Doležal does not rule out

– Kamil does not necessarily have to appear at the start of the competition in Zakopane. He has time to catch his breath and think about it. Stay in touch. After the upcoming weekend we will decide on the fate of the next one – said Michal Doležal in front of the camera after the end of the 70th Four Hills Tournament. The World Cup in Zakopane will take place next week. This weekend, the jumpers will fight again at the facility. Paul Ausserleitner (HS142) in Bischofshofen – this time individually and as a team.

How would the head coach of the national team summarize the 70th Four Hills Tournament by the Polish national team in two or three words? – I’m not a journalist … The competition in Oberstdorf ended badly for us. From that moment it was known that the 4-Hills-Tournament would be without us in the lead. We worked on, competition after competition, says the Czech Republic.

The highest among the Biało-Czerwoni was Piotr Żyła, who in seven jumps was able to reach the 15th place in the final tournament classification. – Piotrek looked very good in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. In Innsbruck he was inactive in the inrun position. It was different in the last jump in Bischofshofen – he describes the performance of the reigning world champion.

– Dawid is the biggest positive of this 4-Hills-Tournament. On Wednesday and Thursday he took a step forward. On the first day in Bischofshofen he stabilized his jumps, while on the second day there was only one attempt, when he did not implement the plan. I am talking about the final series. He was able to make progress and shows something, he gained more self-confidence – says the 43-year-old trainer in an interview with

On Thursday, Kubacki showed up at the Salzach River in a new suit. It was similar in the case of Paweł Wąska in qualifying. – We’re trying. We have different materials, but it’s not just about them – he replies.

Andrzej Stękała lost the KO duel during the Epiphany, and Paweł Wąsek and Jakub Wolny did not even qualify for the competition. – Did not work. We have drawn conclusions and we know what to do next weekend. We will discuss with the players and work to make the results appear on the hill as soon as possible. It’s all about the technique itself. You have to keep an eye on it, because single jumps are positive. You can see the instability, but we will focus on some technical aspects, concludes Doležal.

Correspondence from Bischofshofen, Dominik Formela

Dominik Formela, source: Own information

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