Skillet’s singer compared the Grammy to Hitler and condemned Cardi B’s performance

John Cooper of Skillet spoke about the recent Grammy Awards. He compared the academy’s activities to … Hitler.

Skillet singer criticized Grammys and Cardi B.

John Cooper from the Christian band Skillet is one of the people who criticized the performance Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion at Grammy 2021. The ladies performed a hit “WAP”, whose title means “cruelly wet pusia” in free translation into Polish, and in it the ladies talk about the fact that they want sex.

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Due to the fact that Cardi and Megan use a lot from many vulgar and slang terms, CBS, broadcasting the event, asked the artists for “polite text”. This one, however, still made a lot of people there “offended” by the performance of rappers. Cooper himself condemned the “erotic” nature of the show, during which Cardi and Megan made a fairly intimate hug and simulated having sex on a huge bed.

The singer stated that the people complimenting the performance “confused good and bad” and he quoted a verse from the bible:

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil

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John Cooper continued the comment:

We live in a world where some of Dr. Seuss cannot be sold on eBay. You can’t buy them, you can’t sell them – they’re just too bad! But you can and even have to compliment the sexual degradation that Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion showcased at the Grammy by simulating having sex. This is a perfect example. You have to be happy about it! If you don’t celebrate it, then you’re a bad person – you don’t love people! You’re not nice to them.

And as long as with an opinion on the subject Cardi B and Megan You can agree or not, his words, in which he compared the activities of the phonographic academy to Adolf Hitler, are at least … strange:

Why would anyone call good bad and bad good? It’s simple – they change the definition of these words. Every dictator in history has said that what he does is good. This is what they believe – if you read Hitler’s old speeches, he promises the people to “set them free from the yoke of the Ten Commandments.” He is the liberator in his mind. It always is. All they do is change the definitions. This is exactly what is happening right now at the Grammys.

You can see Cooper’s entire video on the subject below Cardi, Grammy and Nazi Speeches:

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