Skin-changing blush from Dior Backstage is the beauty trend of the moment; learn how it works and where to buy

The newest beauty trend of social networks is Rosy Glow ‘universal’ blush by Dior Backstage. The product became famous for being appointed as the Kylie Jenner’s Favorite Blushbut it has been successful among influencers for promising to have a tone that adapts to the skin color of the wearer.

According to the website of Diorthe product provides a healthy look to the cheeks, as if they were naturally colored. The company explains the technology behind the effect: “Infused with Color Reviver technology, it reacts to the hydration level from application for a customizable rosy effect.”

On social media, of course, many people have already used and approved the rosy tone that the product gives to the skin. In addition to the color of the moment, Rosy Glowthe brand also sells the tone Coral, more orange.

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Does Dior blush work on dark skin?

THE ‘universal’ proposal comes at a time when the beauty market focuses on diversitybetting on the expansion of color charts to include all – or almost all – skin tones in the products.

Beauty journalist and makeup artist Tássio Santos, series creatorThe Darkest Tone’where it tests makeup products in Joyce Lima, a dark-skinned model to see how it works in practice, took the test with Dior blush. And the result showed that the trend is not as ‘universal’ as it seems.

On video, tassio is in doubt about the appearance of the product on Joice’s skin, despite the model already saying right away: “it’s white”, making a face of someone who didn’t like the product.

“I can see something [da cor], but I also see a whitish filter happening”, says Tássio. “I thought it grayed out a little,” he concludes.

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THE ‘graying’ of products on black skin it happens when the product is too light or doesn’t have the ideal color background for the skin tone. When the product proposes itself as ‘universal’ it should, in theory, work on all skins, but this is not what we see with most of those who carry the label.

Although I see the product’s slightly grayish appearance on Joice’s skin, tassio confesses that liked the resultbut with reservations that this may not be the best product for darker skin.

This one It’s not a problem unique to Dior blush, but a real problem in the beauty industry. It’s the equivalent of ‘one size fits all’ clothing, which also doesn’t cover all sizes.

Where to buy Dior Rosy Glow blush?

Despite the high value – R$ 259 – the Dior blush is a hit and is sold out on available sites. In physical stores, the product disappeared from the shelves.

Whoever wants to buy keep an eye out for replacements of online stores that sell the brand, such as Sephora and Época Cosméticos. The brand has an e-commerce in Brazil, but the product is also unavailable there.

The tip is to register on the sites to know first hand when the stock replacement will happen.

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