skin for a Russian plane, Grin Reaper, removed from the weekly challenge –

Battlefield 2042 offers weekly missions that allow you to get rewards. This week, one is available skin for a Russian helicopter, known as the “Grin Reaper”. The team, in response to recent events, has decided to deactivate it. Whoever owns it, however, will not lose access, it has been insured.

The skin Grin Reapermoreover, it has been translated into Russian as “Friendly Death”: a choice that is anything but appreciable in this context. SAYS, in its message, it states only “in the light of current events”, without going into too much detail.

The Battlefield 2042 Grin Reaper skin

The Battlefield 2042 Grin Reaper skin

As indicated by a Lead Community Manager, EA has not yet decided whether this skin will be reintroduced into the game and will be available for players who do not own it. “It’s something we’ll discuss.” The weekly missions, however, will return to normal from next week. We do not have details on the exact contents at this time, but we assume that they will be linked to places and nations far from the current conflict.

Always talking about the news coming to the game, at the beginning of February we discovered that the update 3.3 was postponed for a month, the quality was not enough.

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