Slag. Marek Cieślak said what he thought about returning to the Union of Tarnów. There is a chance for cooperation?

Recently, there have been rumors about Marek Cieślak’s engagement in Unia Tarnów. An experienced trainer tells us that he will definitely not be a trainer. However, he reveals that he is ready to cooperate in a different capacity.

Jaroslaw Galewski

Jaroslaw Galewski

Marek Cieślak

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“I’ve said it many times before, but apparently I have to say it again.” I made an appointment with Marcin Majewski to work on television. We have a contract and I have to be one hundred percent available. This is my task for the 2022 season and I am not going to withdraw from it – Marek Cieślak tells us.

The experienced coach does not hide the fact that Unia is close to him, because he has spent many wonderful seasons in the club. For this reason, he would be ready to consider establishing cooperation with the club. – It’s probably normal that I feel a sentiment towards Tarnów. Besides, I still have great relations with the Azoty Group. If someone decides that there is such a need for help on my part, I see no obstacles, but I clearly emphasize that I will definitely not act as a coach there. There is no chance for it – explains Cieślak.

The former national team coach says that he could cooperate with the Union on a different basis. – It could be the role of an advisor, consultant. For example, I can help in organizing training sessions or in a few other matters. I’m open to that. However, I would like to point out that nothing is happening on this topic yet – he sums up.

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