Slag. The end of an era. Big changes are coming to meet the requirements of PGE Ekstraliga!

Demolition works have begun at the fence surrounding the machinery park in Ostrów Wielkopolski. This facility, in its current shape, will be completely demolished and a new car park will be built in this place, meeting the requirements of PGE Ekstraliga.

Maciej Kmiecik

Maciej Kmiecik

Jakub Krawczyk (blue helmet) and Sebastian Szostak (red)

WP SportoweFakty / Anna Kłopocka / In the photo: Jakub Krawczyk (blue helmet) and Sebastian Szostak (red)

The machine park in Ostrów was never the most spacious. It functioned in the present format for several dozen years with minor reconstructions. – A piece of history, a few clubs have survived these shelters. In a moment, this machine park will not be there, because it will be dismantled. Only memories will remain, and fans have the last chance to take souvenir photos with a car park in this shape. We have to go ahead and modernize it to meet the requirements of PGE Ekstraliga – says Waldemar Górski, president of Arged Malesa Ostrów.

A new fence for the entire machine park will be built, which was one of PGE Ekstraliga’s recommendations for the club in Ostrów Wielkopolski. – In addition, special containers must be purchased, which will house the competition office, changing rooms for competitors, a doctor’s room, competition jury or a room for doping tests. There will also be new shelters above the boxes for players. There will also be a new place for players’ buses – lists Górski.

There is a lot of work to do, because the machine park will change dramatically. – It will be practically recreated. The machine park lighting will be installed. It will look completely different than the one that fans have got used to for many years – he adds.

The machine park in Ostrów in the current shape will be liquidated
The machine park in Ostrów in the current shape will be liquidated

The machine park in Ostrów will gain more space. – Fortunately, we have enough space. It needs to be rebuilt accordingly. It will definitely be nice and spacious. The players will now park their buses in a different place, and we will use the existing square to create all the necessary requirements of PGE Ekstraliga, also when it comes to the TV mix zone or TV studio – emphasizes the club president.

In Ostrów, work is in progress not only in the vicinity of the machine park. Other sectors of the Municipal Stadium are also being rebuilt as part of the modernization of this facility. There is also a new workshop for juniors. – You can say that in the spring fans will see a completely different facility in some places – concludes Waldemar Górski.

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