Slag. The Pole was broken! “The phone did not ring”

This is not how Oskar Fajfer imagined the transfer period. – I was devastated – he confessed to He did not get that most important call.

Dawid Borek

Dawid Borek

Oskar Fajfer

WP SportoweFakty / Tomasz Rosochacki / In the photo: Oskar Fajfer

Behind Oskar Fajfer, another successful season in the eWinner of the 1st League. In this year’s games in the back room of PGE Ekstraliga averaged 2.073 points per race, which was the 11th result in the entire competition.

No wonder that in his mind’s eye he saw himself in the highest league in Poland. The problem is that club leaders from the speedway elite did not have a similar approach.

– I waited for interest from a higher league to emerge, because I must admit that racing among the best is my priority. However, I was devastated, because the response was really zero – Oskar Fajfer confessed to

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– No phone call from PGE Ekstraliga called me, so I decided to get along with Start – added the 27-year-old. He also revealed that the club’s rivals of Aforti Start Gniezno wanted to free him from his home club, tempting him with better financial conditions.

– As for the offers from eWinner of the 1st League, there were actually some. Certainly, much more could be obtained from other teams in terms of financial conditions. However, I played open cards with my club from the beginning – he explained.

Oskar Fajfer with Aforti Start Gniezno extended his contract for the 2022 season. It will be his fourth year in the colors of the club from the first capital of Poland since his return from abroad.

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