Slag. The president of Motor Lublin fulfilled one of his greatest dreams. It tells who tempted Michelsen

Motor Lublin is undoubtedly one of the revelations of recent years in Polish speedway. The club, which is consistently built by Jakub Kępa, has been climbing in the hierarchy of Polish teams every year, emphasizing it by winning the silver medal of the DMP last season.

Mateusz Kmiecik

Mateusz Kmiecik

Jakub Kępa (in the center) in an interview with Wiktor Lampart and Rafał Trojanowski

WP SportoweFakty / Jarosław Pabijan / In the photo: Jakub Kępa (in the center) in an interview with Wiktor Lampart and Rafał Trojanowski.

This season was definitely special not only for Motor Lublin fans, but also for the activists themselves. Before the start of the games, the Lublin players were selected by some to drive in the play-offs, but it was difficult to assume that such a success would be achieved. In the end, it was possible to win the DMP silver medal, while repeating the success of 1991, which was one of the club’s president’s dreams.

– In fact, after this first season, after the promotion and staying in Ekstraliga, somewhere in the back of my head was the date of those 30 years in 2021 and the dream that it would be fun to win any medal for this anniversary. We managed to enter the finals, repeat the success from 30 years ago, so we are definitely happy and satisfied. – said Jakub Kępa, the president of Motor, during the program “Five One” on Radio Freee.

Motor Lublin is one of the few clubs that for several years has been consistently carrying out an evolution, instead of a revolution in their roster, making only cosmetic changes in the team. This not only allows the fans to become attached to the players in the colors of their favorite team, but also gives them more joy after achieving success.

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– It is not an art for me to win the Polish Team Champion with stars alone. It is more of a job all season long with the people you have partnered with. I think it tastes better, for example, to win a silver medal with a team that wasn’t really put into play-offs. I was satisfied that this strategy in building a team, with just such players, allowed us to enter the finals – emphasizes Kępa.

This year’s Motor Leader was Mikkel Michelsen, achieving the 7th average in the entire league, presenting himself especially well on his home track. During the season, there were voices that he could leave his current club after all. Eventually, an agreement was reached quite quickly between the player and the president, who says that the talks were very short.

– Year after year we get along very well, the talks last 15-20 minutes. Mikkel generally wants to ride Motor Lublin despite having offers from different clubs. I know that the club from Częstochowa tried to recruit Mikkel, but he feels so good in Lublin that he does not want to change his environment. I always say that working with players for each subsequent season means that they do not want to change this environment, because they feel very comfortable in Lublin – he admitted.

Despite the huge success in PGE Ekstraliga, each of the players from Lublin had their own worse and better moments in the season. The juniors were very good, but all the seniors were weaker. After all, each of them contributed significantly to winning the medal, which is emphasized by the club’s president himself, pointing to Dominik Kubera as the biggest surprise.

– I think that this performance at SGP in Lublin helped Dominik a lot, he was so sure. This is also a boy who works a lot on himself, on the equipment, tests a lot. I watch him closely during training and competitions, so I am very impressed with this boy. In addition, he is very modest, which is very rare in the speedway environment – summarized Jakub Kępa.

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