Slag. They have no flaws on paper. But it won’t be a playthrough

The paper firepower of Stelmet Falubazu Zielona Góra is impressive. However, will the role of Piotr Żyto’s coach be limited only to filling in the competition program? The answer is no.

Dawid Borek

Dawid Borek

Max Fricke

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After the relegation from PGE Ekstraliga, Patryk Dudek and Matej Zagar left Stelmet Falubazu Zielona Góra, while Krzysztof Buczkowski, Rohan Tungate and Dawid Rempała joined the team. On paper, this team has practically no disadvantages.

Foreigners. Grade: 5

The key to the high rating is the stopping of Maks Fricke by the citizens of Zielona Góra, whom the clubs from the highest league in Poland wanted to capture. In eWinner of the 1st League, the Australian representative should be the leading figure of Stelmet Falubazu and the whole league. In Zielona Góra, no one can imagine a solution for Fricke not to shine on the first league tracks.

Foreigners are relegated and they could be rated even five with a plus, but you must remember the last average season by Rohan Tungate. In the colors of Unia Tarnów he recorded an average of 1,849 points per race. Previously, his results in the back of PGE Ekstraliga were much better – example: 2020 and the average of 2,348.

Polish seniors. Grade: 5

For strength, the Polish seniors of Stelmet Falubazu Zielona Góra could also be awarded the highest marks, because Piotr Protasiewicz and Krzysztof Buczkowski are very recognized names, but you have to take into account the past games in their performance.

SEE THE VIDEO Speedway. Ratajczak about his debut in PGE Ekstraliga. He has important advice for younger colleagues

Those on PGE Ekstraliga tracks were average. In the background of the best speedway league in the world, much better results should be expected, but the question is whether they will be able to match the achievements of the best Pole eWinner of the 1st League in the 2021 season, Tobias Musielak, who scored an average of 2.264 points per run?

Item U24. Rating: 4+

At the moment, Piotr Żyto has three U24 seniors at his disposal: Jan Kvech, Mateusz Tonder and Damian Pawliczak. Perhaps one of them – the weakest – will change the employer at the beginning of the season.

In any case, the strength of this formation in Stelmet Falubazie is evidenced by the fact that Kvech and Tonder had many offers from other clubs. After all, Cellfast Wilki Krosno, one of the main rivals in the fight for promotion, fought hard for the Czech.

Juniors. Grade: 4

Undoubtedly, a good move is to strengthen the youth formation with Dawid Rempalą, who showed himself from a good side, especially in the second part of last season.

As for the other two: Fabian Ragus and Nile Tufft had glimpses even in PGE Ekstraliga. They should be even more effective in the eWinner 1. Liga, but can they afford to be the leading formation in the league? Direct competitors to the fight for promotion: Cellfast Wilki and Abramczyk Polonia, also look solid in junior positions.

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