Slag. Unia Leszno will not pay Sajfutdinow

There are many indications that Emil Sajfutdinow will not have the best memories of the last year of competing in Fogo Unia Leszno. A month ago, Przegląd Sportowy revealed that the player was not paid for 134 points scored. The speedway rider told us then that he was talking to the club, that there was no problem, but nothing has changed since then.

Initially, Saifutdinov tried to talk to Union activists, but now there was complete silence on this matter. In Fogo Unia Leszno, we hear that the topic is considered closed, that Emil has been settled.

Remember, however, that the Union says so, because it feels cheated by the speedway rider who signed an agreement for the 2022 season in January (he had concluded similar ones earlier), and admitted in August that he was leaving Leszno. Saifutdinov said about his intentions when there was virtually no choice left on the market. Due to such a solution, the Union does not feel obliged to pay out money. He treats it as a kind of financial penalty for a bad breakup.

It is difficult to say what exactly is the amount. The first reports said about PLN 650,000. In the EU, they claim that if Emil had kept his word, he would have received a transfer of around 300,000.

Sajfutdinov is currently on vacation, but from circles close to the club in Toruń you can hear that his agreement on the Union is structured in such a way that there is no fear that he will eventually get money. Perhaps the case will go to court.

They are not afraid of such a solution in the Leszno club. They also point out that they also have reasons to go to court and ask what will happen if Emil’s points are short of retention or play-offs next year. Who will pay them for the lost profits then? From next year, the clubs are to receive 6.5 million from PGE EKstraliga. This rate is to apply for 4 years.

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