Slap at the Russian embassy in the US, ‘Zelensky way’ ticks – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – WASHINGTON, MAR 12 – Slap at the Russian embassy in the American capital, where unknown persons have installed an iron pole with a green sign indicating “President Zelensky way” right in front of the entrance to the mighty diplomatic headquarters in Moscow. The pole is decorated in yellow and blue, the Ukrainian national colors, and with some paper sunflowers, the symbolic flower of that country. It is here that a few days ago the famous American cellist of Chinese origins Yo-Yo Ma played alone, in protest against the Russian invasion in the neighboring country. of American soil, the Russians cannot remove it.

Just as they could not oppose the initiative of the Washington city council, which in 2018 renamed the square in front of the embassy “Boris Nemtsov Plaza”, in homage to the Russian opponent Boris Nemtsov, shot dead three years earlier on a bridge a stone’s throw from the Kremlin. The inhabitants of the houses in front of the Russian diplomatic headquarters, who lit yellow and blue lights in their windows or displayed balloons of the same colors, also expressed support for Kiev. The bus stop in front of the Russian embassy is also paved with the colors of Kiev. (HANDLE).