Slash: “Here is the artist I’ve always dreamed of playing…”


Slash he said: “I played with Lemmy and Lenny Kravitz, but I wanted to play with John Lennon”. The guitarist for the hard rock has trawled the best of the catalog of music, starting from its period of maximum splendour record in the Guns N ‘ Rosesto Velvet Revolver the collaboration with Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators. More, do not miss the story of Slash regarding the repeated collaborations with some of the icons of rock music’s most important ever, as Bob Dylan and Lemmy. Among these great names there is also Lenny Kravitz, as aforesaid.

The period with Guns N ‘ Roses

No band has managed to crack so amazing the market of the rock from when the Guns N ‘ Roses they made their irruption in the rankings of the States United states. A large part of the credit goes to their debut album 1987, Appetite for Destruction and Slash said: “I knew as it was the ’80s, many bands were known for being transgressive. […] We were in the wild. The people who have worked with us have seen that time as something really commercial, I guess.” Slash she has suffered from this, especially the big celebrities. He said: “You can’t even go out in the pub. It was a bit of a shock to me and I was simply drugged, I was drunk and I had hidden in my house. It took me a long to heal from that period“.

The collaboration with Lenny Kravitz

“None of us was really prepared for the business of music with a lot of money” he admitted Slash. Then Slash he spoke of Lenny Kravitz and his solo in the Always on the Runa famous piece of Kravitz. Slash he told the story of having thought of that riff for a little, he already had in mind that piece to do because it had already been proposed to the members of the Guns N ‘ Roses, without success. But that solo was perfect for Lenny Kravitz and his style close to the funky rock. It is a pity that the two have collaborated on other pieces, their dynamic was really interesting

The misadventure of Bob Dylan

The list of artists who have asked Slash playing in their disks seems to be a training for the award ceremony: Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson, Iggy Popthe Motörhead, Steven Tyler, Eddie Van Halen, Carole Kingeven Rihanna. Sometimes, however, it has not worked as expected. Like when you went to register Wiggle Wiggle with Bob Dylan in the 1990’s. “Later I made what I consider a unique piece in my style. A couple of days later, I asked Don Was, the producer, if he could send me an overview of how was the final result. I had done a piece, rhythmic in sound, but Bob said that it seemed a bit too similar to the Guns N ‘ Roses. Then has taken away all“. You can imagine how much there remained evil Slash.

the post Guns N ‘ Roses

When Slash he left the Guns N ‘ Roses in 1996, he began the project, Slash s Snakepit. Revealed that the great artistic inspiration of that group was John Lennon and it is here that Slash he said: “I played with Lemmy and Lenny Kravitz, but I wanted to play with John Lennon”. Reminds you of someone? Yes, Freddie Mercuryanother artist who was a big fan of John Lennon. Following Slash, he created Velvet Revolver with Duff McKagan and Matt Use your illusion I, the former of Guns N ‘ Rosesmore Scott Weiland. It was a failed project, following the death of Scott Weiland.



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