Sleepless Il Giustiziere tonight on TV on Rai 4 Saturday 1 October: plot, trailer and cast

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Sleepless Il Giustiziere tonight on tv Saturday 1 October 2022 on Rai 4, plot and cast

Tonight on TV Saturday 1 October 2022 on Rai 4 the film will air Sleepless – The Lawbringer a thriller with Jamie Foxx and Michelle Monaghan, directed by Baran bo Odar and written by Andrea Berloff based on a three-handed subject written by Frederic Jardin, Nicolas Saada and Olivier Douyere. The film is the remake of Notte Bianca of 2011 by Jardin.

In the center of Sleepless there is the story of a policeman who knows well the criminal world of his city and finds himself involved in a race against time to save his kidnapped son. The film is live streaming on RaiPlay but is also on the main streaming platforms: Netflix, Prime Video and NOW (Sky On Demand). If that’s still not enough, you can rent it on Infinity +, Chili, Rakuten Tv, Google Play / You Tube, Apple and Playstation Store. In short, if you do not see it on TV tonight, there is no shortage of ways to recover it.

Sleepless the plot of the movie tonight on tv

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Sleepless the executioner plot – LAPD Lieutenant Vincent Downs played by Jamie Foxx accidentally finds himself involved in the disappearance of a drug consignment during a police operation. He thus finds himself in the center of the crosshairs of two bosses and even detective Jennifer Bryant (Michelle Monaghan) doubts his honesty of him. One of the two bosses kidnaps his sixteen-year-old son to get the drugs back.

Thus begins a battle between the cop and the mobster that ends up in one of the mobster’s casinos, but is Downs really corrupt? or is there something else hidden underneath? who is really the corrupt cop?

The Cast

  • Jamie Foxx: Vincent Downs
  • Michelle Monaghan: Jennifer Bryant
  • Scoot McNairy: Rob Novak
  • Dermot Mulroney: Stanley Rubino
  • David Harbor: Doug Dennison
  • Tip “TI” Harris: Sean Cass
  • Gabrielle Union: Dena Smith
  • Octavius ​​J. Johnson: Thomas Downs
  • Briana Marin: Dr. Ruby Sorenson
  • Ric Reitz: Captain

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