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Lose 7 kg in three weeks, like Kim Kardashian did, may seem like a tempting idea to anyone who is trying to reduce some measures. But, even if the aesthetic result seems positive, the damage to health can weigh in the balance, especially if the weight loss method involves severe dietary restrictions.

To go to the Met Gala in one of Marilyn Monroe’s dresses, the American businesswoman and influencer revealed that she had not eaten carbs and sugars, in addition to having practiced running on the treadmill and used a sauna suit to increase perspiration.

What explains the rapid weight loss, according to Angelica Grecco, a nutritionist at the EndoVitta Institute, is that, together with the restriction in the diet, Kim probably went through a process of dehydration, in which she lost more muscle mass than fat, something that is not considered healthy.

“Actually, she deflated. One molecule of carbohydrate holds four molecules of water; so when you remove the carbohydrate [e usar o traje de sauna], she ended up getting dehydrated, and of course this will resonate faster on the scale. It is not possible to say that she lost the weight in fat; in this very fast result she will normally have more muscle loss and dehydration than effectively a healthy weight loss”, says the expert.

After revealing how she managed to lose the pounds, Kim was the target of a series of criticisms on the internet, mainly related to the incentive to search for a perfect body and the harmful effects of this, such as the development of eating disorders.

In this sense, the nutritionist emphasizes that, as a rule, very restrictive diets end up accompanied by episodes of late binge eating, a behavior already observed by scientific studies.

“The incidence of disorders such as anorexia and bulimia greatly increases, the person ends up having the practice of eating in large volumes and then adopting purgative techniques, such as vomiting and the excessive use of laxatives. So the restrictive diet ends up resulting in that psychological despair of eating everything and losing control of the situation”, says Angelica.

After the Met Gala, Kim revealed that she threw a donut and pizza party, eating what she couldn’t during the prep period to fit into the dress. In this scenario, the rebound effect ends up appearing as a constant, as compulsions can cause the return of lost pounds, causing a vicious circle of weight loss and gain.

“In the same way that she lost seven kilos in three weeks, she gains three kilos in four days, and then this gain is in fat, not lean mass. When the patient goes on a liquid diet for bariatric surgery, for example, always we reinforce that the reintroduction of food is gradual so that the patient does not suffer from these metabolic and psychological disorders”, highlights the nutritionist.

In addition, major dietary restrictions can have metabolic and physiological effects, such as reducing metabolism, causing nutritional deficiencies, and leading to a drop in immunity. For this reason, when there is a need to undergo a restrictive diet, patients can receive vitamin and immunomodulatory supplementation, as well as psychological assistance to avoid possible damage to mental health.

“The big point is not to do crazy [em dietas]; everything that we try to restrict too much, then we end up not realizing it. The most correct method is to have nutritional balance. If the person goes three months without eating pizza, when they go to eat, they will want a whole pizza”, highlights the nutritionist.

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