Slovakia. The government introduced a state of emergency for 90 days. “We have to unite. The situation is serious”

The ban on leaving the house does not apply to making the necessary purchases in the nearest store. This applies to food, drugstore and cosmetic products, medicines, fuels, newspapers, footwear and products for animals.

It will be possible to settle matters in banks, insurance companies and car repair shops. Shopping centers will be closed. Restaurants will be able to deliver their meals through the counters.

You will be able to go to work, but you will need to show a certificate from your employer for any inspections. Health Minister Vladimir Lengvarski said the government recommends switching to remote work.

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The exception to the ban on leaving the home also applies to getting vaccinated, tested for coronavirus and escorting or taking children to schools and kindergartens. It will be possible to walk in parks or forests in the immediate vicinity. Dogs will be allowed to walk within 500 meters from the place of residence.

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Slovakia. A state of emergency due to the coronavirus

The state of emergency does not prohibit travel abroad. The head of Heger’s cabinet said the restrictions also apply to church services. Individual confession and receiving communion is possible, but the faithful will not be able to attend Mass. The chairman of the Slovak Bishops’ Conference, Stanislav Zvolenski, announced that it was possible to participate in online masses.

“We must unite as a society. The situation is serious,” said Prime Minister Heger. He announced that after 10 days of strict restrictions in force, their effects would be assessed, and any possible loosening of these restrictions would primarily affect the vaccinated.

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Government experts are calling for the lockdown to last 14 days and include school closings. One of the four coalition parties, Freedom and Solidarity (SaS), exercised its veto and refused to accept restrictions on schools.

The smallest coalition party Za People (Za Ludi) distanced itself from the government’s decision. The deputy prime minister and party leader Veronika Remiszova said that she could not support a solution that did not provide any relief to the vaccinated persons.

Previously, a pandemic emergency was introduced on October 1, 2020 and lasted until May 4. Another such decision was made in connection with the growing number of daily coronavirus infections and overloading the health care system. On Tuesday, laboratories in Slovakia detected over 10,000. new infections, most since the outbreak of the pandemic in March 2020. 3.2 thousand patients are treated in hospitals on Covid-19. patients.

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