Slovakia. The government introduces a state of emergency and lockdown. What does this mean for tourists?

  • Due to the worsening epidemic in Slovakia, the government declared a state of emergency since Thursday. At the same time, it introduced a two-week lockdown that also applies to vaccinated persons
  • – The society is divided in half – some welcomed the news about the lockdown and believe that the restrictions should be greater – says Martin Pavlík from the Slovak National Tourism Center in Poland in an interview with Onet Podróże
  • Hotels are closed to Slovaks and citizens of foreign countries. Restaurants only serve take-out. However, the rules of entry and transit through its territory remain unchanged
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The epidemic situation in Slovakia has been worsening for several weeks. On November 24, Slovak laboratories found 13 thousand. 266 new cases of coronavirus. This is another record increase in infections since the start of the pandemic. The press writes about a humanitarian catastrophe.

Severe restrictions in Slovakia from Thursday

The ban on leaving the house does not apply to making the necessary purchases in the nearest store. This applies to food, drugstore and cosmetic products, medicines, fuels, newspapers, footwear and products for animals.

It will be possible to settle matters in banks, insurance companies and car repair shops. Shopping centers will be closed. Restaurants will be able to serve meals through the counters.

You will be able to go to work, but with possible checks you must show a certificate from the employer. Health Minister Vladimir Lengvarski said the government recommends switching to remote work.

The exception to the ban on leaving the home also applies to getting vaccinated, tested for coronavirus and escorting or taking children to schools and kindergartens. It will be possible to walk in parks or forests in the immediate vicinity. Dogs will be allowed to walk within 500 meters from the place of residence.

The head of Heger’s cabinet said the restrictions also apply to church services. It is possible to confess individually and receive communion, but the faithful will not be able to attend Holy Masses. The chairman of the Slovak Bishops’ Conference, Stanislav Zvolenski, announced that it was possible to participate in online masses.

– says Martin Pavlík from the National Center of Slovak Tourism in Poland in an interview with Onet Podróże.

State of emergency in Slovakia. What does this mean for tourists?

The state of emergency does not prohibit travel abroad. Whereas hotels are closed to Slovaks and citizens of foreign countries. Restaurants only serve take-out.

As we read on the government website, the rules for entry into and transit through Slovakia remain unchanged. However, they can only go to Slovakia without quarantine vaccinated persons, provided that they present the appropriate document confirming this fact.

Unvaccinated people must undergo a 10-day quarantine, which they can end when they obtain a negative RT-PCR test for COVID-19, and they can undergo this test no sooner than on the fifth day of quarantine. However, due to the closed hotels, this is not possible.

As Martin Pavlík from the National Center for Slovak Tourism in Poland said in an interview with Onet Podróże, Slovaks can play sports, go to the forest or go hiking, but only within the poviat in which they live.

– If we are talking about crossing the border, transit works without restrictions, except for roads marked as transit roads, with stops at gas stations (you can check it on the website – says Pavlík, adds that the services are not able to check everyone who is on the move.

After 10 days, verification of the lockdown effects

– We must unite as a society. The situation is serious, said Prime Minister Heger. He announced that after 10 days of severe restrictions in place, their effects will be assessed and theirs any loosening will primarily affect the vaccinated persons.

Experts working with the government they are calling for a 14-day lockdown to include school closings. One of the four coalition parties, Freedom and Solidarity (SaS), exercised its veto and refused to accept restrictions on schools.

The smallest coalition party Za People (Za Ludi) distanced itself from the government’s decision. The deputy prime minister and party leader Veronika Remiszova stated that she could not support a solution that does not offer any relief to vaccinated people.

Previously, a pandemic emergency was introduced on October 1, 2020 and lasted until May 4. Another such decision was made in connection with the growing number of daily coronavirus infections and overload of the health care system.

Appeal for vaccinations

Experts, politicians and some celebrities are calling for participation in the vaccination campaign. In Slovakia, 47.33 percent were vaccinated. inhabitants, which differs from the European average.

The rescuers of Horska Slużba (HS) addressed the tourists with an emotional appeal for vaccination. – It is more than possible that after saving you in the mountains, there will be no one to look after you in the hospital – wrote on the websites. They pointed out that their rescue helicopters will be used not in the mountains, but to transport people suffering from COVID-19.

Eduard Heger’s coalition government ministers are discussing the pandemic on Wednesday. According to unofficial reports, there is no agreement among them regarding the introduction of a lockdown and possible lighter restrictions for the vaccinated. Experts recommend limiting interpersonal contacts as much as possible for three weeks, and closing schools and switching to distance learning.

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