SmackDown Live: Bayley talks about the return of Sasha Banks – Shelton Benjamin breaks his silence

By Sebastián Martínez – POSTED on 14/08/2019 AT 08:26

Bayley was interviewed backstage by Cathy kelley during the recordings of SmackDown Live and not wet at the time to talk about what happened with Sasha Banks on Monday Night Raw. “There’s nothing I can say that it is not misinterpreted. Obviously everyone knows that Sasha Banks is for me the number 1, is my best friend. But Nattie and Becky are also great friends, so I think the best thing I can do is close the peak,” he said.

Heavy Machinery (Otis and Tucker) defeated Daniel Bryan and Rowan by disqualification in the fight held after the issuance of 205 Live. Rowan used a chair in the final moments, causing the disqualification. After the fight, the bad guys dominated until Daniel Bryan beat Rowan accidentally with his knee in the race. Otis and Tucker cleaned the house and gave by closed the tour of SummerSlam in Toronto.

Ali beat Andrade in a fight held before the recordings of SmackDown Live. Ali countered the Hammerlock DDT with a small package on Andrade to clinch the victory for the count of three.

Randy Orton he was interviewed by Charly Caruso after his appearance on SmackDown Live and vowed not to stop until done with the Championship of WWE, and put it in your waistband, that is the place where you “belong to him”.

– Daniel Bryan and Rowan forced Buddy Murphy to say that he had lied about the claim last week that pointed out that Rowan had been the author of the attacks to Roman Reigns. Daniel Bryan he stated that they will investigate on their own and that the next week will give the name of the author mysterious attacks on Roman Reigns.

– After several weeks without mentioning a word before the cameras of WWE, Shelton Benjamin was force to speak in the last episode of SmackDown Live. When showed to Benjamin in the house and asked about their chances of winning the King of The Ring tournament, Chad Gable appeared behind warming. Gable asked who this was and Benjamin responded: “retaco”. It is likely that WWE has decided to put them together again to form a team.

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