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A decade ago you began to wonder who it is “To”, what happened to Alison DiLaurentis and who says the truth in Small Lying. Makes 10 years since we premiered the first chapter of the series and its protagonists have wanted to remember him through their social networks with pictures that I have taken at the beginning of 2010. As well, we also want to remember to its main characters (and side) showing you as you are today. Do you follow them?

1. Sasha Pieterse (Alison DiLaurentis)

He was barely 14 years old when they took to do the main role of Pretty Little Liars. The series begins with the disappearance and funeral of his character, a death uncertain that nobody knows what happened and where we didn’t know what happened or who was at fault. Sasha Pieterse starred in the spin-off of PLL and is expecting her first child with her husband.

2. Ashley Benson (Hanna Marin)

Impulsive and crazy fashion, the character of Ashley Benson in the series became one of the most beloved of all seasons. doShippeabas Hanna and Caleb?

3. Lucy Hale (Aria)

Alison manipulated Aria from the beginning of the series. The girl had just seen her father kissing another woman who was not his mother in a car and, despite wanting to keep it a secret, your girlfriend always threatened to tell, since the beginning of the story was the most seemingly innocent. Lucy Hale has been one of the largest projects for the platforms has been doing over the last few years. In addition to starring Katy Keene, the series derived from Riverdale that all the world spoke after its premiere, has given life to characters in movies such as Truth or dare or Feel free.

4. Shay Mitchell (Emily)

Emily it was the athlete, competitive and most serious of the history. Nothing to do with real life, because Shay Mitchell spend the day climbing the post more fun to your social networks. In addition, just having a baby really cute has fallen in love with all of their followers.

5. Troian Bellisario (Spencer Hastings)

Spencer it was the mind of the group of girls, which had the singer voice and the most, you could say, bossy. If something share Troian Bellisario and his character is the desire to fight for the injustices, as well as the interpreter will usually show you by Instagram. Doesn’t miss one.

6. Ian Harding (Ezra Fitz)

Throughout the series it has been doubted the sincerity of all the male protagonists. First Tobythen Calebafter Ezra (although regardless of means). Ezra was the teacher of Arya, who fell in love with before you even realize that I had to evaluate it for a class at the institute. The little had become one of the couples favorite of the entire series.

7. Tyler Blackburn (Caleb)

Hacker main of the novel. His love for Hanna was a story of comings and goings, and even starred in her own series in parallel with the same character: Ravenswood.

8. Keegan Allen (Toby Cavanaugh)

Toby didn’t start very well in the series (especially because in the first chapter, it was another different actor, if you don’t believe go to look at it). Everyone doubted him and he was the main suspect during the first season. Even so, it all changed when you fell in love with Spencer and it was his guy for more than half of the series. In addition, I had a very strange with his stepsister, Jenna Marshall.

What was your favorite?

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