Small ZUS for 327 thousand entrepreneurs. Time to take advantage of the relief, limited

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6 hours ago

Poles – THINK YOURSELF! The “Polish authorities” carrying out economic sabotage in Poland, consisting in the destruction of the economic plankton of the Polish nation, offer the so-called “small ZUS”, consisting in the possibility of paying half of the contribution of this illegal tribute to those who prove that they are not able to earn bread for their families from their business activities. As we can see, there are hundreds of thousands of such companies. If you earn, for various reasons, often beyond your control, one hundred zlotys a month, is it RIGHT, FAIR, DIGITAL, FAIR, ETHICAL, FORCING YOU A HALF HARACH OF OVER PLN 800? !!!!!!!!! When answering, remember Polish fool that at the same time all authorities in Poland in the Third Republic of Poland are exempting from tributes fabulously wealthy foreign corporations, which additionally stuff with billions of subsidies from our Homeland funds. Remember also the Polish fool – you, to whom Poland owes the prostitution of political freaks, that Human Rights give you the right to conduct free economic activity, not breaking the law and the right to live from your hands’ work, AND NOBODY HAS THE RIGHT TO OBSTACLE YOU WITH ACQUIRING LIVING FROM WORK YOUR HANDS WICKED, SHAMEFUL COUPLE TAXES SUCH AS “CONTRIBUTIONS” TO ZUS !!! Remember the Polish fool, to whom Poland owes its ruling by political gangs, that these political criminals who have ruled Poland for several dozen years, force the poor, economic micro-activities to liquidate them, if the income from such activity allows only a modest but dignified life for those who they run them for the common good. You have no right to hope for the success of your efforts in the future, because a wicked law requires you to declare bankruptcy after only 2 weeks of “loss of liquidity” in your business – this is how bandits constructed laws for little ones !!! ~ Krzysztof Kornatowicz – YouTuber, human rights defender in Poland

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