Smallpox of monkeys, about twenty people from Bergamo are infected (but it is not an emergency)

Fifteen thousand cases are diagnosed in the world; 252 in Lombardy alone and about twenty in Bergamo. The monkeypox epidemic is advancing: it is not serious and not even an urgent emergency (as Covid was, in his time), but it is worrying. Therefore, the Directorate-General for Welfare of the Region has set up a Coordination Unit that will monitor the progress of the epidemic and prepare all the operational indications to prevent monkeypox infections.

At Pope John there are twelve cases diagnosed and confirmed, but no hospitalization. Eight other Bergamo people are located in different structures, mainly in the Milan area. Symptoms are the same for everyone: fever, headache, muscle aches, lesions and rashes. They typically last two to four weeks and disappear on their own, but hospitalization is required in special cases. As for transmissibility, it is wrong to refer to it as a simple “sexually transmitted disease”.

The virus, as reported by the portal of the Ministry of Health, is transmitted through “close contact with a symptomatic”. Rash, body fluids and scabs are particularly infectious and in case of mouth ulcers or sores the virus can also spread through saliva or droplets (respiratory droplets) if there is prolonged face-to-face contact. It can be transmitted by direct contact between injuries during sexual activities, but an infected person’s clothing, bedding, towels or dishes contaminated with the virus can also infect others.

Once diagnosed, he explained Marco Rizzi – Director of Infectious Diseases of Asst Papa Giovanni XXIII – interviewed by The Eco of Bergamo, subjects must remain in isolation at home and go out only if strictly necessary. “An epidemiological inquiry is then conducted on the contacts to identify other people who could be infected without being aware of it.” Everything happens at home and the hospital, in agreement with Ats, keeps in contact with the infected people to ascertain the course of the disease.

Next week, a first supply of vaccines will arrive at the Lombard network of Centers for the Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Infections, which will be administered mainly to subjects at risk of contagion.

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