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Venice, 5 August 2022 – This is an official news announced in a note from the councilor Lanzarin recalling how: “The first doses of smallpox vaccine (Jynneos). Following the arrival in Italy of the first vaccine donation fee anti-smallpox by the European Commission, the Region promptly organized the collection and transport of the doses assigned to Veneto: in this first phase it is a question of 400 doses . A second distribution will follow, probably in the second half of August, with distribution criteria being defined at national level ”.

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To simplify the distribution and management of vaccines, based on the positive experience gained in the anti-COVID19 campaign, the first 400 doses of vaccine they will be centrally stored at the Hospital Pharmacy of the Ospedale dell’Angelo in Venice Mestre, Azienda ULSS n. Serenissima, for subsequent distribution to the points of administration. In accordance with the first recommendations issued by the World Health Organization and transmitted by the Ministry of Health, vaccination prophylaxis is currently indicated for health workers at risk (laboratory personnel employed in the manipulation of the virus, personnel engaged in the execution of diagnostic tests for monkeypox).

“Vaccination for the population for monkeypox – specifies the Prevention Department, directly involved in the planning of the vaccination offer – at present it is neither requested nor indicated. However, in addition to health professionals, the criteria for identifying the subjects at risk to whom vaccination prophylaxis are offered are being defined, with the contribution and technical coordination of the Prevention Departments of the ULSS Companies and the Infectious Diseases Departments of the Hospitals. , pending the indications of the Ministry of Health ”.

The cases in Veneto

At the moment the cases ascertained by the Prevention Department in Veneto are overall 42 , divided as follows: a case at Ulss 1 Dolomiti; six cases at Ulss 2 Marca Trevigiana; six cases to Ulss 3 Serenissima; zero cases to Ulss 4 Eastern Veneto; 2 cases at Ulss 5 Polesana.

Symptoms and duration

Symptoms of monkeypox usually include: fever intense headache, muscle aches , back pain and asthenia. They last from 2 to 4 weeks e disappear alone without treatment.

The most frequent signs are: swollen lymph nodes and rashes or skin lesions in the form of vesicles. Mouth ulcers, lesions or sores can be infectious.

How it is transmitted

The virus can spread through saliva or through droplet in case of prolonged face-to-face contact (health care workers, members of the same family and other close contacts of confirmed cases at greater risk), but also with direct contact between injuries during sexual intercourse. Finally, clothing, sheets, towels or virus-contaminated dishes from an infected person can infect other people.

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