Smartphones in the car – Great Britain tightens the regulations

As the BBC website informs, it is already prohibited to use smartphones while driving a car, e.g. to call or send an SMS, unless it is an emergency situation. But UK rulers are tightening driving safety rules even further. From 2022, it will not be possible to use smartphones, among others also for taking pictures or playing games, and the prohibition also applies to situations where the driver is waiting for the traffic light to change or is in a traffic jam on the motorway. Breaking the ban will result in a fine of £ 200 and six penalty points.

This does not mean a total ban on the use of smartphones. Drivers will still be able to use, for example, navigation or make phone calls, but the device must be placed in the holder. Moreover, in these cases, the driver will have to take full responsibility for driving and be prepared to face charges if the police find that he is not in full control of his vehicle. In addition, it will be possible to make contactless payments while parking, e.g. at the barriers before entering the car park or in drive-through restaurants.

As it turns out, the planned restrictions have huge social support. The BBC reports that the tightening of the regulations took place after public consultations in which 81 percent. of respondents said they were in favor of introducing greater restrictions. This is certainly a consequence of the accident in which 14-year-old Joe Cairns was killed while he was driving to school. A teenager sat at the end of a minibus that had been hit by a truck. As the mother of the killed boy said, the perpetrator of the incident used his phone all the time during the 45-minute trip – he sent text messages, made calls, communicated on social networks and even played games. The driver has already heard a sentence of eight years and 10 months in prison.

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