Smartwatch with a conversation function – the best models at a reasonable price

A smartwatch for calls can make life a lot easier, because for many it is one of the most convenient solutions that smart watches offer. We discuss the topic and indicate some good models of smartwatches with a conversation function.

Today, many people are looking for more than just a device that shows the current time. Therefore, smartwatches allow for a lot of interesting possibilities, and one of them is undoubtedly the option of convenient conversation.

Smartwatch with a conversation function – we explain the differences

At the outset, it will be good to note that even if our smart watch is able to display only information about incoming text messages, as well as incoming calls, we already have increased comfort of use. Smartwatches with the notification function will quickly display the text of the SMS and allow us to understand who is calling us at the moment.

Smartwatch with a talk function
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Smartwatch with a talk function

Go a step further and allow yourself the convenience of a chat feature. This means that the smartwatch should be equipped with a microphone and a speaker. Then there is the fact that everything can be done by pairing with a smartphone via Bluetooth, or we can try to get a smartwatch that will be equipped, for example, with a SIM card slot or will have an eSIM. This will allow both receiving incoming calls and making outgoing calls without additional smartphone support.

Smartwatch with a conversation function – we choose the best model

Garett Multi 4 Sport smartwatch has been equipped with a SIM card slot, thanks to which it can be used for calling and receiving SMS messages, all without the need for a smartphone nearby.

Garett Multi 4 Sport smartwatch
Photo source: © Press materials | Garett

Garett Multi 4 Sport smartwatch

A smartwatch with a conversation function, such as the Garett Multi 4 Sport, which additionally has many possibilities related to physical activity, is an interesting proposition for sports enthusiasts. It is enough to insert a SIM card of any operator, so that, for example, while running, you always have an accessible method of using the phone function – you do not need to have a smartphone in your pocket, which is convenient.

A compass, barometer and altimeter are also useful to help you better orientate yourself. There is also a pedometer, heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, sports modes, and IP67 protection means that you do not have to worry about more difficult environmental conditions. Garett Multi 4 Sport can be found for less than PLN 500.

Amazfit Nexo smartwatch has a built-in eSIM module, which means there is an option to register a virtual SIM card. This is even more convenient in such a smartwatch with a talk function as there is even no need to provide a physical SIM card.

Amazfit Nexo smartwatch
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Amazfit Nexo smartwatch

In other words, the Amazfit Nexo can easily be turned into a standalone phone, because the smartwatch allows you to call without a smartphone nearby. For example, you just need to take this smartwatch with you for cycling training and you do not have to worry about additional space for your smartphone to stay in touch with the world. For added convenience, you can also pair the device with Bluetooth headphones.

The smartwatch also allows you to monitor the general condition of our body, in addition, it has a pedometer, measurement of training time and distance traveled, calories burned counter, and sleep monitoring. There was also a heart rate monitor and monitoring of various types of physical activities. The device can be found at a price around PLN 800.

Calling smartwatch – good models for over PLN 1000

Apple Watch SE in our comparison, it can already be a jump to a slightly higher price level, because this smartwatch with a conversation function costs clearly over PLN 1000, and the Cellular version is even more expensive. The device can be paired with an iOS-based smartphone and receive calls and text notifications, and if we decide on the cellular version (about PLN 2,000), then we will be able to use the smartwatch as a standalone phone – without having to pair with the smartphone.

Apple Watch SE smartwatch
Photo source: © Press materials | Apple

Apple Watch SE smartwatch

Of course, in this smartwatch with the talking function, there are many interesting and useful functions, such as the blood oxygen sensor. In addition, it must be emphasized that this is a smartwatch with an EKG, which in some cases can help detect atrial fibrillation.

Apple Watch SE also has a sleep monitor, so we will be able to check the quality of our rest. There were also various types of tracking training indicators, regardless of whether we want to go to the swimming pool or, for example, to the gym.

To sum up, it is a pretty good proposition for a phone call, which will also work well when practicing sports and will appeal to people focused on taking care of their own health. Many users also appreciate contactless payments, so you don’t need to have a wallet with you.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic smartwatch in the 4G version with eSIM, it also allows you to make calls without a smartphone nearby. A smartwatch can be an extremely convenient, independent tool for phone calls, which is very convenient when you just don’t want to have an additional device weighing down your pockets.

Galaxy Watch 4 Classic smartwatch
Photo source: © Press materials | Samsung

Galaxy Watch 4 Classic smartwatch

In addition, LTE connectivity allows easy access to the Internet. There was also a health assistant equipped, among other things, with the ECG measurement function. The device will work both as a men’s smartwatch and a women’s smartwatch, which will be especially appreciated by people interested in sports.

The handy ability to navigate online will make Google maps guide us to our destination. Google Pay contactless payments will make our life easier when visiting the store, and the fall detection will take care of our safety – the smartwatch can recognize a strong fall and send an appropriate notification. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic in the version with eSIM can be found around PLN 1700.

Smartwatch for calls – convenience comes first

A smartwatch with a conversation function is a very useful solution that many people find comfortable during physical activity and more. Of course, not everyone is in favor of such solutions, but if someone cares about it, they will surely find something for you and will be glad that you do not have to carry a smartphone with you.

A good example of the beneficial functions of this type of device may also be smartwatches for children, which have built-in notifications that the child has gone beyond the safe, predetermined area. This, in turn, is an undoubted advantage and comfort for parents.

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