Smartwatches sell better than smartbands in 2021

Which smartwatch sells best on the market? Yes, it’s an Apple Watch, but the manufacturer has lost relevance. Samsung and Huawei are gaining, Xiaomi is losing, and you don’t want Mi Banda anymore.

Before we go into the overall market, we’ll start with the real surprise. Apple – note – sold fewer watches than in the corresponding period of 2020. This is a shock, because although they still hold the first position with a huge margin, Samsung managed to catch up a bit.

The top five are of course Cupertino, Korea, Xiaomi, Huawei and Imagine Marketing. If you don’t know it, then the latter manufacturer is a hegemon in India, selling millions of inexpensive there weareables annually. This can be seen in the increase – in 12 months it was over 200%.

Sales of smartwatches in 2021 / photo IDC

Interestingly, Huawei also managed to grow. All in all, it does not surprise me – although their top smartwatches are quite expensive, the cheaper ones in the Huawei Watch Fit style are definitely my favorites – I bought it myself. It is even more interesting in the case of Xiaomi – despite the premiere of the Mi Band 6 with NFC, they recorded a 23.8% decrease.

Another part of the IDC report says that users are increasingly reaching for smartwatches, and fitness bands are slowly starting to lose importance. It is not surprising here, too – the wide distribution and low prices of watches mean that few people prefer small screens and the limited possibilities of a smartband. Just look at our TOP-10 smartwatches up to PLN 200 to find out about it.

I will not hide – after years of hesitation and a smartwatch finally landed on my wrist. If you are also thinking about buying the best smartwatch for your needs, check out our buying guide. We have collected models from all price shelves, which in our opinion are worth buying at the end of 2021.

The best smartwatch, or what? TOP-10 (October 2021)


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