Smolder Release Date: LoL New Dragon Champion Released

How to train your dragon.

Can you hear his loud roar? Get ready for the arrival of Smolder, League of Legends’ new dragon champion.

Smolder is known as the Fiery Drake, originating from the fallen kingdom of Kamavor and possessing the legacy of the Imperial Dragon. His journey intersects with a human friend named Marinos, who not only gives him the name Smoldering, but also teaches him how to walk, talk and joke.

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As senior narrative writer Christina Atanasowsky clarified in the press release, Smolder is the Alliance’s first true dragon, unlike the celestial Aurelion Sol and the half-dragon Shyvana .

If you’re looking forward to playing this new hero, here’s everything you need to know about Smolder’s release date in League of Legends, including a patch for when he goes live in the game.

Smolder Release Date: When will the new League of Legends champion be released?

smoldering concept art
Image source: Riot Games

Smolder will make its debut in League of Legends with the release of patch 14.3 on Wednesday, February 7 (PT).

It’s worth noting, though, that Riot Games is actively working on Smolder’s visual design in response to initial negative feedback from players. This ongoing adjustment process increases the likelihood that Smolder’s release date will be delayed.

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Smolder is currently available for testing on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) as of January 10th.

The new Dragon Champion was first announced on January 5 via a playful video. This short film, narrated by Smolder himself, offers a glimpse into the lore of dragons in Runeterra, specifically within the kingdom of Kamavor.

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