Snoop Dogg has a new neighbor in the metaverse. Over $ 450,000 for a virtual property

Snoop Dogg is a celebrity familiar with the gaming industry. The rapper, however, goes a step further and reaches for the increasingly popular NFT. Thanks to the cooperation with Sandbox, he creates his own virtual world – at the end of 2021, one of the fans bought a house embedded in the virtual world for over 450,000 dollars.

The topic of creating virtual worlds and NFT more and more penetrates the general consciousness, not omitting the field of the gaming industry. More and more famous producers decide to introduce virtual assets to their games or propose products based on well-known brands – Ubisoft can be considered one of the precursors of the trend. He was followed by Square Enix and Konami, among others. The initiative of the developers of STALKER 2, who wanted to implement unique NPCs in the game world, met with extremely intense reactions.

One of the celebrities interested in new (and very profitable) solutions is Snoop Dogg. The rapper announced in September last year that in cooperation with the Sandbox platform he will build his own virtual world – Snoopverse, in which he will create a virtual mansion resembling his real residence in California. As you can guess, the artist will allow the fans to “contribute their brick” to the project and develop the metaverse together. The Early Access Pass is currently priced at nearly $ 3,000, although there are also passes costing $ 5,700which allow you to “get to know the Snoop Dogg lifestyle”. Exclusive benefits include access to a private, virtual party and a celebrity’s performance on the user’s “land”.

“I’m always on the trail of new ways to connect with fans, and what we’ve created at The Sandbox is the future of virtual meetings, NFT drops, and exclusive gigs,” we could read in an official statement.

The fans are only rubbing their paws on this type of attraction. In December, the sale of individual sites in the Snoopverse was announced, and in addition to digital land and premium packages, NFT was also on offer. It turns out that recently one of the rapper’s sympathizers has become his “virtual neighbor”, who bought the property located close to the idol’s virtual villa. The sum of the transactions is not just what – for sale, the user with the pseudonym P-Ape spent more than 458 thousand dollarswhich was also noticed by the rapper:

“Won’t you become my neighbor?”

Interestingly, the Sandbox platform is becoming more and more popular. 65% of the virtual areas have already been sold and the number of investors is growing significantly. As the Independent informs, not only celebrities are interested in the new trend, but also brands such as Adidas or Atari.


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