Snow in Denmark. Customers trapped in the IKEA store

  • A large area of ​​Denmark, including the capital Copenhagen, was hit by a snowstorm which blocked traffic and caused temporary power cuts
  • 6 customers and over 20 IKEA employees were trapped inside the store
  • More than 300 tourists who got stuck at Aalborg airport due to the snowstorm could only dream of comfortable beds
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A dream come true for many

A large area of ​​Denmark, including the capital Copenhagen, was hit by a snowstorm on Wednesday blocked traffic and caused temporary power cuts. Snow also forced some flights and public transport to be suspended.

Customers who on Wednesday evening decided to shop at the popular chain of furniture stores in Aalborg in the north of Denmark, had the opportunity to fulfill the dream of many of a moment of relaxation in comfortable large beds with countless pillows and decorations. When a snowstorm broke out over the city 6 customers and over 20 IKEA employees were trapped inside the store.

In cozy interiors, straight from the catalog, a group affected by weather conditions decided to take advantage of a variety of accommodation and food offer showroom. As a married couple who got stuck in the store says:

– We were just very happy to find shelter.

“Driving on the roads was too dangerous,” comments Peter Elmose, store manager, adding: “We couldn’t make our employees take the risk.”

Photo: Henning Bagger / Ritzau Scanpix / AFP / AFP

Snow in Denmark

The conditions inside on that snowy evening also encouraged employees of a nearby toy store to join the group wandering in the IKEA showroom.

“It’s so much better than sleeping in your own car,” admitted Michelle Barrett, who worked next door to the furniture store.

There were chips and the popular Swedish cinnamon rolls and watching TV together. The showroom manager allowed the clients too “Choose exactly the bed you have always wanted to try”.

“It was a really nice evening,” said Elmose, praising the mattresses of the Swedish chain of furniture stores, “Everyone slept through the night.”

Hundreds of passengers camped at the airport

She could only dream about comfortable beds over 300 touristswho got stuck at Aalborg airport due to the snowstorm. Hundreds of travelers were forced to stay in the terminal overnight after the flights were grounded in the afternoon, and deteriorating conditions made it impossible for buses to carry passengers even to nearby hotels.

– We’re handing out blankets. We assume everyone will stay here overnight, Kim Bermann, Aalborg Airport Operations Manager, predicted Wednesday night.

Source: BBC, Nordjyske, TV2Nord

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