Snow in Hawaii. More than half a meter of snow fell in the tropics

For several days, American synoptics have been warning about the possibility of an appearance snow storm in Hawaii. At the highest peak of the archipelago, Mauna Kea, intense snowfall of up to 60 centimeters was forecast.

The forecasts of meteorologists have come true and for several days Hawaii has been much colder than its location would suggest. IN Honolulu, the state capital, the thermometer bars did not rise above 20 degrees in the positive, which in such a tropical climate, such as on the coast of Hawaii, is an unprecedented value.

Since the 1940s, temperatures below 20 degrees on the coast of Hawaii have only been recorded 15 times. On the other hand, winter conditions on Mauna Kea are the first since 2018.

The reason for such extreme weather conditions is the change in the direction of the influx of air masses to the north.

The weather is not just a trick in Hawaii. Completely opposite weather conditions prevail in Denver, the largest city in the state of Colorado, located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Despite the December weather, Denver no snowfall has fallen.

As reported by the local media already 231 days there was no snow in Denver and only four days are short of the all-time record. Moreover, the temperatures are not like those typical for December. On Monday morning it was recorded four degrees above zero, which was the lowest value this season. Unfortunately, the forecasts do not foresee any further snowfall, so the record for the longest lack of snow may be broken.

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