So-le Studio opens its first store and is inspired by its “architectures for the body” jewels

The first boutique of Sole-Studio, the jewelery brand founded by Maria Sole Ferragamo, is a synesthetic space in which to immerse yourself.

Created by the Fondamenta design studio, it gives shape to the lightness, movement and love for the organic and architectural forms that Sole imagines in an abstract way during his creative process, configuring itself as the precise transposition of his jewels. «I consider my jewels to be living organisms and for my first shop I wanted to recreate the sensation of being inside a living organism. A space that moves, breathes and transforms as my creations do », he says. «I like the idea that the visitor is immersed in this experience and loses track of time and space.»

The first Sole-Studio store has opened in Milan in via Sant’Andrea 10, part of the new square in the fashion district.

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Sole-Studio jewels are like “architecture for the body” created with principles similar to those of architecture, such as deformation, traction, illusion, balance and sustainability. For this reason, the exhibition space also refers to a continuous fusion between space and artistic creations. Studio Fondamenta has created a three-dimensional interior obtained by covering the existing envelope with a soft skin, placed in tension on a wooden skeleton behind it. The physical space thus loses every corner and becomes an organic and flexible system that reveals the jewels. Precious accessories that seem to float in the light as if they had no support.

The wooden structure was created by Contrada degli Artigiani, in Como, a center for the recovery of school dropouts and the job placement of children who experience difficult social, economic and personal conditions. A place where master craftsmen, renewing the tradition, transmit to young people the value of work, the techniques and the secrets of the most ancient traditional crafts.

Sole-Studio, jewels created with fashion waste materials

Maria Sole’s passion for experimenting with shapes and materials inspired the brand, which reuses materials abandoned by the fashion industry, such as leather and brass shavings, transforming them into sculptural jewels. A passion that has to do with the memories of a childhood spent in the workshop where the shoes of the family business were handcrafted. There she gets to know and familiarize herself with the smell of leather, with its tactile sensation, its different varieties and its history. To then want to protect it and give it new life: waste materials are the starting point for her artistic creation that blends jewelery design, craftsmanship and architecture. “I knew I was going to make jewelry the day my mom gave me a bead bracelet kit,” she says. Today, they are living jewels that embody the regenerating power of time and of the wearer.

The news to discover exclusively

To celebrate this new chapter in the evolution of Sole-Studio, Maria Sole presented two new pieces, available exclusively for the store, from the collection Lucenova, name that symbolizes a new light and a new beginning: 2 bags and a ring alongside new earrings and a necklace, along with new color variations and finishes of existing styles.

Moon (which in its name contains the moon and the fact of being unique) is the first bag created by the brand: a jewel-bag, which evokes a sort of magic box. The wings of L’una open and close thanks to a mechanism that uses magnetsthe. The Una Mini is her alter ego, a bag-bracelet to carry your favorite essentials. A removable chain allows it to be worn even over the shoulder.

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