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Morini would be working on the evolution of the V2 engine and register a new adventure bike ready for comparison with the current maxi enduro

September 22, 2022

THEthe relaunch of Moto Morini, which passed under the control of the Chinese Zhongneng Vehicle Group in 2018, is taking place with the 650 X-Cape And Six and a half. New models powered by a two-cylinder in-line by CFMoto on the example of the well-known Kawasaki 650, while the various Corsair, GranpassoMilano and motorized Scrambler V2 they went out of production in 2020 due to the arrival of the Euro5 emissions standard.

T.however, that engine of 1,187 cc from about 120 horses it would seem that it was not put into mothballs, but is the subject of some important ones updates to return to equipping large-displacement models that Moto Morini made no secret of.

The Granpasso 1200. The aesthetic was by Frascoli Design

The Granpasso 1200. The aesthetic was by Frascoli Design

TO also suggest it are the patent drawings filed in China which concern an unpublished model. The bike shown is an adventure bike, but it is not a simple update of the Granpasso 1200 (the first version of which dates back to 2008) starting from more current style and a little reminiscent of the X-Cape.
So the front has a straight fairing as in vogue on rally bikes and the high beaked mudguard is missing, now quite common.

Lto cycling it seems to adopt wheels – with spokes – in “road” dimensions 19 and 17 inches and above all there is a different chassis in steel trellis with aluminum alloy side plates.
In the same material is the asymmetrical double-sided swingarm and with the Suspension central, and progressive, instead of the single side of the Granpasso.

The braking system features radial mount front calipers and the fork is naturally upside-down. The curb weight of the last Granpasso was around 225 kg.

THEthe engine V2 of 87 ° Corsa Corta, an eight-valve twin-shaft that had come to 118 horsepower at 8,400 rpm, may have seen an increase in displacement and an increase in performance is hoped for. This to be competitive compared to rivals of the same displacement in a very successful segment, but also crowded with high quality models.

When this bike goes into production it will be interesting to understand his too positioningconsidering that production in China is cheaper than in Europe.

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