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 Alessandra Ghisleri

Sunday September 25thday of political elections, there will be the bad weather all over Italy e Alessandra Ghisleri guest of Myrta Merlino a The air that pulls on La7, in the episode of 23 September, he explains that “It’s not a problem, this could be an advantage. Anyone who had decided to take a trip out of town, maybe will go to vote”. The rain, observes the director of Euromedia Research, “could facilitate access to the vote. I see that people have paid a lot of attention to voting”.

Here the intervention of Alessandra Ghisleri in L’aria che tira

“Depending on the parties”, adds the pollster, “there are interesting requests. Among the voters of the 5 Star Movement the word ‘honesty’ has re-emerged, do you remember? As in 2018. While in those of Fratelli d’Italia it emerges the word ‘coherence’ and ‘change’. In the Democratic Party, “closeness to citizens”. “And it is very nice”, comments Ghisleri, “these are the qualitative investigations. We are discovering that there is a certain type of indecision that is moving well”. “We cannot say the numbers”, concludes the pollster, “but these things can be said, there is a willingness of the people to go and vote because those around me go there, to follow the winner. Or there are internal exchanges. very strong between neighboring parties “.

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