so you save up to 80% of gas, joy of families, better than bonuses

In this period, families rightly seek savings in every way.

With the terrible bills coming in October and even in November it is absolutely justified to move this way.


But now they come rates truly extraordinary and amazing techniques for cutting up 80% of the terrible cost of gas. We must be very clear: the blaze of electricity and gas bills is a real drama for families and for businesses.

The really affordable rates

Lots of them families according to the statistical institutes literally they will not make them pay the bills and for many companies there is the risk of closure.


This drama it is the same throughout Europe and even the rich in Germany today find herself with many companies at risk of closure and with families who do not make us pay their bills. So we are talking about a real emergency to which a solution must be found quickly. In order to try to save, Italians are trying to change operator light and gas but unfortunately changing the light and gas operator can offer very little savings. Families therefore look for the most advantageous rates also by taking advantage of those sites that allow you to compare rates and special offers.

Here’s what makes you save 80% on cooking gas

Special offers are not lacking sending you to look good, the advantage is there only for the first few months and then the prices come back terrible. But the cheapest rate is that of ingenuity which allows you to take advantage of ancient methods to save a lot. But now there is a truly unusual option to save money even 80% of the gas used in cooking. This method is actually a very old method that has recently come back into fashion. It is the so-called cooking box. This method takes advantage of the famous cooking box or cooking box. This methodology that is used a lot in Tuscany allows you to exploit a baking box of 30 x 50 x 40 cm. Already in the period of the economic crisis of 1929 the cooking box was used precisely because there was no gas.

An ingenious idea

The cooking box must not be put on the fire e cooks food thanks to thermal inertia. THEn substance the pot is put on the fire until it reaches a boil. Once a pot of food has actually come to a boil, the gas goes out and the rest of the cooking comes right inside the cooking box. So basically as soon as the pot has reached the boiling point it will be moved to the cooking box which is well insulated from the external environment and therefore retains the heat. It will be the heat retained inside the cooking box to finish cooking of food without using expensive gas.

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