Social media explodes with comments on Özgür Demirtaş’s ‘ass’ post! The answers were surprising: ‘Hodja, you are going to imprison us by force’

Prof., who is in demand because of his assessment about the direction of the economy and developments in social media. Dr. This time Demirtas left his mark on the stage with his ‘donkey’ sharing. Users showered comments on Demirtas’ post.

Turkstat shared data

Özgür Demirtaş shared on his Twitter account the data by TUIK showing the number of donkeys in Turkey in the period 1991-2022. Demirtas also asked a question to his followers in his post.

“Where are the dogs?”

Followers of Demirtas “Where are the donkeys?” He almost joined the race to answer the question. The reactions to the post, which garnered a huge number of comments, were surprising.


“Teacher, you will put us in jail”

Several comments from users such as ‘Hoja, you will forcefully imprison us’, ‘Many of them have become bipedal, my teacher’, ‘I thought our number of donkeys has increased’, and ‘They turn into humans’. Altered’ beings attracted attention.


“I quit 2 years before last”

Some of the responses were ‘well I don’t even know, I quit 2 years ago after the last one’, ‘some of them have delicious dishes on the shelves of chain stores, some are on salary’, ‘look at the tweet that came before me’ Fell when I was making toast with salami ‘.

Another answer is ‘As the number of passenger cars increases, we make and eat sausages because they don’t work, another question?’ occurred.

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