Socio de Eduin Caz already has the speculations, reveals if the leader of the Group Firm starts as a soloist and already the group

During the last moments, Eduin Caz leader of Grupo Firme I’ve had a lot of fun, more than all the parties and excesses when the singer was accepted, the performer revealed that he might retire, he was alerted to his followers who were there. preoccupied stinks creen that You can always keep the aggregation that you live on.

Although we believe that your retirement is permanent, it has also been rumored that the singer podría abandonar Grupo Firmeesto with the intention of starting a career as a soloisttal y como manyos cantantes del regional Mexicano lo han intentado hacer, dejando ado lado las agrupaciones que los llevaron a la fama.

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¿Eduin Caz already Grupo Firme?

Debido a lo anterior es que el amigo y socio de Eduin Caz, Isael Gutierrez de una vez por todas aclaró si es que el cantante comenzará a career as a soloisttal y como se ha dicho en los ultimos meses.

¿Eduin Caz launches as a soloist?

Let’s continue an interview with Jessie Cervantes, in wave Isael Gutiérrez declared if you are your friend and socio Eduin Caz abandoned Firm Group To stay with your friend and start a journey alone.

Ante esto, Isael Gutiérrez sin titubear aseguró that in the planes of Eduin Caz do not see the abandonment Firm Groupthese are the reasons for the group, so the group is not an option.

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Isael refuses to let Eduin launch himself as a soloist

Otherwise, Gutierrez already clear that Eduin Caz ya es reconocido independently of Firm Groupso we do not have the case that the singer launches himself as a soloist.

“Eduin es dueño de Grupo Firme, los demás sa sus amigos, son sus colegas, pero él es el dueño del proyecto, queando me reúno con él, nos asociamos en el proyecto de Grupo Firme y nos asociamos en la compañía de Music VIP, Haber él es artista, es dueño, es empresario, es a good father and a great human being, has all the faces ¿por qué va a querer ser independiente o soloista?, si es solista sigue siendo Eduin, es mejor seguir siendo Eduin y seguir siendo Grupo Firme, todo en uno…”, explained Isael to Jesse Cervantes

¿Hará collaborations with Grupo Firme?

In this mismo theme, Isael Gutierrez Which is also a key part of the formula of the Grupo Firme company already clear that nothing Eduin Caz I don’t have any planes to play as a soloist, I don’t want to decide that at any time you can leave it to me for any type of collaboration or presentation without the company. Grupo Firme.

“No descartamos, that we collaborate with Kimberly Loaiza that there is a theme with her, that she is alone in the group, so that the gene is so that the solo driver is someone who does not want to decide that we are a group of companies”, explained by Isael Gutiérrez

With this, what has been removed is the possibility of what Eduin Caz will perform as soloistwithout embargo, it is a warning that in these moments the singer and the rest of the members of the Group Company will come across a descanso, and it will not happen until soon it will be returned to our activities in the scenarios or in the recording studio.


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