Sofa Vergara does not couple to receive praise with its thought-provoking publication

Sofa Vergara not surprising to their fanticos with the burning postcards that you share on your official account of Instagram, every time you publish content it awakens all sorts of sensations on the web.

Duea of a beauty unchallenged, the actress you know that, on a recurring basis, receives the carian of its more than 19 million followers in the social network of hearts.

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This opportunity was not an exception, since one of his last publications cosech thousands of comments piropeando to celebrity.

In the same photo, the famous appears wearing a baador in tone green that remained of wonders and highlights your figure toned to database activity physics.

When you see this post, immediately appeared the faithful admirers of the colombian model those who made comments complimented its charm and fantastic looks to 47 years.

Beautiful, Sper cute I love You, I Want to see me as the 47, were just a few of the texts that they wrote in the feed the nominated for a Golden Globe.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that Sofa Vergara it is located next to premiere his project, Americas Got Talent, which was broadcast on Tuesday, may 26 on NBC or Sonny Channel.

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