Sofia Richie Grainge is the new face of David Yurman

Sofia Richie Grainge adds brand ambassador to his CV. After her polished appearance quickly catapulted her to It girl status following her April marriage to Elliot Grainge In the south of France, all eyes are once again on the style icon as Richie Grainge teams up with David Yurman.

She is the latest in a long line of famous faces…Kate Moss, Gisele Bundchen, Amber Valletta, And Scarlett Johansson– to work with the brand. On this occasion, Richie Grainge and Yurman came together for the launch of Sculpted Cable, the latest iteration of the Cable collection, one of the jeweler’s emblematic creations for around forty years.

“(David Yurman) embodies timeless elegance, something I try to embody myself,” Richie Grainge said. The campaign, photographed by a British photographer Glen Luchford at the Kellogg Doolittle Estate in Joshua Tree, features the model in streamlined fashion and stacked jewelry. “I didn’t really understand the location until I started playing with jewelry,” Richie Grainge said. “The Sculpted Cable pieces really made sense in this home. » The latest iteration of the Cable collection is a sleek take on the brand’s totem, with sculpted lines to create the illusion of cable without its reality.

“It’s another way to highlight the twisted pattern that represents unity and togetherness,” said the brand’s president. Evan Yurman, who is also the creative director and son of David And Sybil Yurman. “Connection in any type, you can really interpret it however you want, whether you’re connected to nature, spirituality, or someone else. » The inherent sense of connection permeated the Cable collection that the brand launched in 1982, as it was breaking barriers in the jewelry landscape. “It was innovative at the time,” Evan said, “(managing to) bring these silver strands together, stay together, be flexible, wearable and have longevity.” » Something that David, originally a sculptor by trade and training, must have found invigorating to achieve.

With their creations, the Yurmans continue to push the boundaries of modern jewelry. Take the concept of mixed metals, often a stylistic taboo, that the brand has always embraced. “We are big believers in mixing metals,” Evan said. “Titanium and gold, titanium and silver, it’s really just a palette to express it. This also makes it possible to cover a wide range of prices to allow everyone to dream. It’s an idea Richie Grainge agreed with: “I’m super open. I like to mix all metals,” she said. “I can’t not do it at this point. »

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