Solar panels, new aid from the Lazio Region: 20 million on the way

Twenty million euros from the Lazio Region to allow small and medium-sized enterprises to equip themselves with new plants to counter the expensive bill. Funds to finance zero-interest loans and to be repaid even in ten years, to purchase and install photovoltaic panels, heat pumps and low-consumption boilers such as condensing ones.

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By November, the Zingaretti junta will launch a tender open to bars, restaurants, craft workshops, factories and small industrial establishments, which in recent months have reported an increase in energy expenditure of up to 100 percent. The individual disbursements will fluctuate between 10 thousand and 50 thousand euros based on the projects presented and for 30 percent of the amounts they will impact on the liquidity of the companies themselves, ie on their cash capacity.

The resources for this measure will be recovered from the 80 million euro package, which Governor Nicola Zingaretti announced in recent weeks, exploiting the first funds of the 2021-2027 community programming, which overall exceeds 16 billion euro. In the next few days, the banking entity will also be chosen, which will have the task of disbursing loans to SMEs. In the coming months via Cristoforo Colombo aims to increase the platfond of resources destined for small and medium-sized enterprises. But the fund for subsidized loans is only one of the interventions that the Region is preparing against expensive energy: a more comprehensive plan is being worked on to intervene with measures to support employment, energy efficiency, the most needy families and against the so-called energy poverty. It is no coincidence that Zingaretti explains: “This is a first, but fundamental measure that the Region is setting up to offer concrete and immediate help to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises to support investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency”. Adds his vice-president Daniele Leodori: “We cannot use the resources of the programming for refreshments and we are talking about issues that go beyond the regional competences, but in any case we will make measures available to lighten the bills for families and businesses”. The councilor for development, Paolo Orneli, echoes him: “We must also encourage lower-impact production and accompany companies to renovate their plants”.

Looking at the other interventions being studied, for example, the aim is to renew the 300 euro energy bonus already granted in recent months for 2023 or to allocate resources for less well-off people who want to install photovoltaic panels. With this in mind, we must not forget the allocation of 100 million for the construction of waste treatment plants (which, as in the case of the future vitrifier of Colleferro, must deal with the recovery of materials) and another 70 million euros put in place for the reindustrialisation, which see a tranche of 20 million for the research and development of green economy and circular economy solutions, necessary for energy saving. In recent days, the Region has also opened a table with companies and trade unions, which are also asking for discounts on the additional personal income tax.


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