Solinas accused of abuse of office, indictment for the governor of the Sardinia Region: the case

The Sardinian governor Christian Solinas will be tried in court on charges of abuse of office for the appointment of two general directors in the Region

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Trouble for the president of the Sardinia Region. Christian Solinassecretary of Sardinian Action Party and ally of the League di Matteo Salvini, was indicted on charges of abuse of office as part of the investigation into illegitimate appointments of two directors of the regional administration. The trial will begin on November 15 in front of the second section of the civil court of Cagliari.

A conviction in the investigation into the names of two leaders of the Region

In addition to the indictment for abuse of office, the investigating judge Ermengarda Ferrarese established, at the request of the prosecutor Andrea Vacca, the sentence of 2 years and 8 months for the head of the cabinet Maria Grazia Vivarelliwho opted for the shortened procedure.

The magistrate of the Council of State is also accused of the crime of induction undue.

On the other hand, the position of the Personnel Assessor was removed, Valeria Satta, also accused of attempted extortion, again for alleged illegitimate appointments. Her decision on her indictment, before another judge, is postponed to next November 10th.

Who are the two general managers who did not qualify for the prosecutor

The investigation involving the leaders of the Sardinia Region concerns the appointments, withheld illegitimate by the prosecutors, of two managers.

Solinas, president of the Sardinia Region, was sent to trial: the governor accused of illegitimate appointmentsPhoto source: ANSA

League secretary Matteo Salvini and Sardinian governor Christian Solinas.

This is the general director of the presidency of the regional council, the lawyer Silvia Of courseand of the general director of the Civil Protection, the engineer Antonio Pasquale Belloi.

For Andrea Vacca the two chosen, external to the administration, would not have had the requirements to fill those positions, and the procedure followed would present serious violations of the law.

The defensive line of the Sardinian governor Christian Solinas

During the interrogation on May 30, Christian Solinas claimed that the verify of the requisites of the nominees sent to the offices before the signing of the contracts that brought the two external managers into the Region.

The governor of the PSd’Az had also stressed that he had not received any from the general directors communication formal of a possible impossibility to proceed with the appointments.

The president of Sardinia had also declared that he had not received any solicitation to the appointment by Belloi, who instead would have only asked him for information on the timing of the upcoming appointment in order to request theexpectation.


Photo source: ANSA

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