Solutions for foreigners similar to those of Lithuania and Latvia

The deputy head of MS was asked on Polish Radio 24 about the position of the European Commission, which criticizes the so-called immigrant pushbacks. The question was raised in the context of the amendment to the act on foreigners, which entered into force at the end of October. According to these solutions, a foreigner detained immediately after crossing the border illegally will have to leave the territory of the Republic of Poland by the decision of the Border Guard commander. The changes also added a premise for leaving the refugee application without examination.

“Our solutions, which we recently adopted in the Act on Foreigners, are similar to those adopted by Lithuania or Latvia. They simply try to respond to the new reality that arose in the context of hybrid war”

he said.

In his opinion, current European regulations are not adapted to the “reality of hybrid war where migrants are exploited”. “Certainly, a discussion at the European level is needed here on how to change these provisions” – added

Romanowski – as he said – also sees a serious problem in the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights, in which – as he added – Belarus has been recognized as a dangerous state.

“In the context of the activities that we have, it is in a sense absurd, because these people (migrants – ed.) Come (to Belarus) for tourist visas,” he said.

In the deputy minister’s opinion, the main reason for the EC’s position is “a political problem”. “This is another example of how The European Commission is trying to act to the detriment of Poland and obstruct the activities of Polish services on the borderthat are in the interest of all of us “- assessed Romanowski.

Source:, PAP

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