Some people received smartwatches in their mailbox;Opening it is the worst thing they can do

In 2016, a team of researchers conducted an experiment: they left 297 USB drives on the street and studied how the people who found them used them.This one 48% collected by the user and connected to the computer.

Now, everything points to a new experiment taking place: people accept smart watch In an envelope in a physical mailbox in their homes.

According to the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Division (CID), multiple military personnel Received smart watch “Unsolicited” messages appear in their mailboxes.

After analysis, experts realized that when opened, They automatically connect to nearby Wi-Fi networks They try to connect with their phones, which are at their fingertips.

Analysis revealed a potential risk: these devices may contain malware with the purpose of Steal confidential and personal informationas they can also activate and access other devices’ cameras without notifying them.

Possible spy device

according to CNNit is unclear who was responsible for sending these emails, but CID suspects it may be related to Cyber ​​counterintelligence threatsbecause all devices Wearable device They can be used to collect personal information, posing a threat to the security of members of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps.

While the exact number of military personnel who received the shipments was not disclosed, veteran and cybersecurity expert Rick Holland said it could be a technology Easily access sensitive information.

This is because newly enlisted soldiers They usually don’t make muchso you will receive a smart watch Free may result in “Exciting“ For a lot.

More possible explanations

This may also be another strategy called brush teetha common technique among some manufacturers where sellers send small packages of little value Use random people’s names and addresses.

By getting your data in a simple way, Then they can post fake reviews On platforms like Amazon, impersonate the identity of a buyer, which allows them to gain reputation and promote sales of other products.

Currently, as with USB on the street, these types of “gifts” They may be exploited by some attackers. Therefore, it’s best to remain skeptical and, if you want to use these devices, do so in a controlled and isolated environment so you can determine if they pose a threat.

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