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Babylon’s Fall, as we have already reported, will close the servers and as a result GameStop USA is starting to remove the game from the shops. Now, however, we find that some stores simply stand giving the game to those who ask for itsince it no longer has any value.

Through some Twitter reportsarrived in response to the Cheap Ass Gamer account, users indicate that they tried to ask their GameStop in the area if it was possible to take home a copy (or more) of Babylon’s Fall and it seems that the answer was positive.

At the same time, there are users who claim that, after asking, they were told that all copies had already been sent back or that that specific location was not giving away the game. It therefore appears that it is one choice of individual employees / managers, rather than a directive of the entire chain. Furthermore, the reports come from abroad, so we don’t know how it is handled in Italy.

Babylon’s Fall it has been a failure since D1. The game from Square Enix and Platinum Games has gotten extremely negative reviews and the number of players on PC has dropped enormously, even reaching 1 single user at some point: being a game that focuses on online co-op, that’s not good.

Finally, we leave you to the details of the Babylon’s Fall server shutdown.

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