Son is a fan of the ace and ‘dreams’ with the Brazilian team, reveals highlight of the Premier League

Son, ace from Korea and Tottenham, is a big fan of Neymar and will duel against the Brazilian team

It is likely that sound be the player of South Korea more anxious to know if Neymar will be on the field in the friendly against Brazil, this Thursday (02), at 8 am (from Brasília). The main idol of Asian football, the striker also has his fan moments.

“He is joking and says: ‘Imagine if I were Brazilian? Me, Neymar and I don’t know who else playing’. He is a big fan of Neymar and has a great affection. He talks to me directly from Ney and asks: ‘Does he know me?’ I answer: ‘Hey Son, of course he knows you, man. Just as you admire him, he can admire you too. You are an ace, you play a lot of ball’,” said Emerson Royal of the tottenhamto

The side, highlighted in the last Premier League, revealed that Son could receive a nice surprise from the Brazilian ace this Thursday. However, the number 10 of Brazil felt an injury in training and became a doubt for the match.

“I even sent a message to Neymar and asked him to change shirts with Son in the Korea game because he is a big fan”, he revealed.

According to Emerson, Son’s admiration for Brazil goes far beyond football.

“He is an inexplicable figure, he has a giant heart and he is a cheerful guy. I tell him: ‘You’re Brazilian, you’re not Korean’. When I arrived at Tottenham, I didn’t speak English and he tried to talk to me in Spanish and Portuguese to make me feel good. In training he is dedicated, but he is cheerful and plays with everyone. He is a guy with a thousand”, said the side.

Son is so dear to Tottenham’s group of players that in the last round of the Premier League he received a great gift.

In the fight for the Premier League’s top scorer, he was rewarded with many assists and managed to score two goals against Norwich. With that, the striker ended up as the top scorer of the competition – for the first time in his career – alongside Salah, from Liverpool, with 23 goals.



Brazilian from Spurs spoke in an interview with

“We were trying everything we could to get him to score. At the end of the game, the coach was looking to see if Salah was scoring goals. We were saying: ‘Son, you need to score one more goal’. Everyone is rooting for his success because he is a spectacular player and a sensational person. This energy he transmitted to the group we transmitted back. He’s a guy who only deserves good things,” Emerson concluded.

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