Song of Iron 2D Adventure Coming August 31st

Lone game designer Joe Winter, who calls himself Resting Relic, has announced a release date for a 2D side-scrolling adventure that he has been working on for about two years. Song of Iron releases on August 31st on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series.

Song of Iron takes place in a Scandinavian setting, and we are given the role of a courageous warrior who must reach the Great Temple of the Gods in order to save his people. However, the road is not easy and dangerous, and in the church itself, it is unlikely that he will be welcomed warmly.

In Song of Iron, the whole world is against us, from humans to animals and monsters. And often getting involved in a fight will be suicide, so the hero has several stealth tricks in his arsenal.

The pre-orders are already open in the Xbox Store, the game was priced at $ 20. The price of Steam is still unknown.


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