Sony aims to release the games at full price, only later on PlayStation Plus –

Shuhei Yoshidaformer head of Worldwide Studios in Sony and now in charge of relations with indie developers, he explained to GamesIndustry the company’s vision on launch of full-price gamesconsidered a priority standard with respect torelease on PlayStation Pluswhich can only happen later.

“We believe in the release of games like premium products and then maybe after six months, three months or even three years, when sales drop, we consider inclusion within services like PlayStation Plus Extra, which can introduce these titles to a new audience, “Yoshida explained.

This should mean that the day one launch of games on PlayStation Plus is something of an exception, as we’ve seen with Destruction AllStars and Fall Guys, often devoted to games that need to build a good online user base right away.

Shuhei Yoshida

Shuhei Yoshida

However, the idea is not to use the PlayStation Plus or Plus Extra catalog, to also welcome new releases on day one on a regular basis.

In short, the launch of games on day one on PlayStation Plus is not part of Sony’s plans, which sees the use of its subscription services in a different way from what we usually see with Xbox Game Pass, for example: “We encourage publishers to make use of these services for better manage the life cycle of each game, “said Yoshida. Basically, the idea is to resort to the inclusion of games in the PS Plus catalog when they have already exhausted most of their commercial thrust and can therefore open up to additional users who otherwise would not they were going to buy them at full price.

This is substantially what was previously reported also by Jim Ryan, when he more or less categorically excluded the possibility of seeing Sony’s exclusive first parties on day one on PlayStation Plus, in the idea that such a distribution model could affect the quality of the games.

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