Sony could create a PS5 and PC port even without FromSoftware, says Lance McDonald –

According to Lance McDonald, Sony PlayStation could make one if only it wanted to remaster or port for PC and PS5’s Bloodborne at any time and without even requesting the intervention of FromSoftware.

The well-known modder, author among other things of an unofficial patch for Bloodborne that enables 60 fps, said on Twitter that there is no technical barrier which would hinder the creation of a port or remaster of the game and that Sony could make them at any time. Not only that, in his opinion the studio Japan Studios were even in possession of a PC build before closing their doors.

“I don’t understand where the idea keeps coming that“ FromSoftware’s engine is a mess. ”That’s not true and there are literally zero technical barriers separating Bloodborne from a 60fps PC version and a PS5 version. Sony could do them at any time without the support of FromSoftware “.

“For a 60fps patch for the PS4 version it’s about changing two lines of code. Japan Studio had a build of the game running on Windows 7 when they shut down and Sony probably keeps that build in its archives. I’ve seen it.”

McDonald’s tweets come in response to the words of journalist Jeff Grubb, who recently stated that a Bloodborne remaster / port / remake / sequel is unlikely in the near future as FromSoftware is currently very busy with Elden Ring and its post support. – launch.

According to the modder, however, Sony PlayStation would have no difficulty in making a port for PC or a remastered version for PS5 of the souls-like, as it would not require the help of the original authors. In any case, although McDonald’s is more than knowledgeable on the subject, take his words with a grain of salt.

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