Sony Multiplies Patents For Backward Compatibility Of PS5


Absent from the PlayStation 4, backward compatibility seems to be part of being one of the major assets of the PlayStation 5.

We recently learned that Microsoft is expected to unveil its new home consoles for the upcoming E3 2019, event which Sony will be absent for reminder. However, the Japanese manufacturer is not resting on its laurels and is also preparing the future with a brand new patent to make its next machine backward compatible.

Like the previous discoveries in recent months, the creator of this new technology is none other than Mark Cerny, designer of the PlayStation 4 and potentially the PlayStation 5. This new patent focuses on the bus of the machine and has for ambition to function in addition to the one that arose less than a month ago.

In technical terms, a “bus” refers to the communication system between the different components inside electronic or computer devices. The patent mentions that Sony uses a method to deal with problems related to the bus interface when running an old application on a new device (PS4 game on PS5 for example). The method patented by Sony makes it possible to emulate the operation of the bus of the original device. In addition, the method can possibly adjust the bus performance, which could lead to “improved remasters”.

The two last patents filed by Mark Cerny go hand in hand seem directly related to the next generation of home console Sony and there seems to be no doubt about the backward compatibility of the PlayStation 5.


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