Sony: PlayStation VR Will Be Radically Different In 10 Years

The president of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios believes that the next 10 years will bring significant evolutions to the virtual reality headset, to convince more and more players to succumb to it. 

Shawn Layden is sure: virtual reality will prevail in the minds of players. But for this, the president of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios believes that it will take no less than a decade to successfully improve the technology and make it attractive to the wider public.

Virtual reality is still in its infancy for Sony

For example, Shawn Layden has used the smartphone and its evolution since the launch of the iPhone 3G in 2008 or from the first Android phones to the most recent models: ”  If in the same way, you look at the PSVR in At this moment, none of us will be able to imagine what it will look like, but the change will be as dramatic. You can not get to 5.0 as long as you have not done 1.0. It’s the right nature of things. “

A first successful test that inaugurates a decade of future developments

For the Sony executive, the current PSVR is in its preliminary version and the company already knows what axes of improvement to studying to convince a larger number of players. In particular, the size of the helmet deemed too large and the number of cables needed for its operation. 

But Sony has already managed to enter the field of virtual reality. In 2018, the manufacturer sold 1.3 million PSVR, more than its competitors Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. The company now wants to continue its efforts and developments, especially in titles proposed and thought only to be played in virtual reality.


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