Sony points to the Edgerunnes effect with the TV series, for David Jaffe –

David Jaffe, ex-developer of Sony Santa Monica, to whom we owe the God of War first mode and the Twisted Metal series, believes that with theremastered edition from Horizon Zero DawnSony wants to chase theCyberpunk effect: Edgerunnersthat is, it wants to take advantage of the launch of the TV series, already in production, to sell more copies and spread the franchise more.

Let’s explain better. Recently Cyberpunk 2077 had a boom in sales and active users thanks to the launch of the TV series Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. The overcoming of 20 million copies was heralded on social networks by a reinvigorated CD Projekt Red, as well as the overcoming of the peak of the players of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

The theory of Jaffe, and of many others in reality, is that operations such as that of the remastered edition of Horizon Zero Dawn, which then follows the same philosophy as the remake of The Last of Us Part I, are aimed precisely at exploiting the pull of the TV series, which gets stronger and stronger. In fact, successes like that of Cyberpunk have paved the way for the multiplication of similar operations, which will become more and more frequent. So expect to see more remasters of very recent games in the future as well, despite the fact that they are still of excellent quality.

Of course it is fair to remember that there are still no official confirmations of a Horizon Zero Dawn Remaster, or whatever it will be called, so everything must be taken with due caution. However, it is also correct to report that the indiscretion has been confirmed by several sources.

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